Mobile and Internet

Lebara, Lyca, Yallo are well known for good network and extremely low calling rate.
Yes, but need to pre-specify before ordering
1 hour from the time of registration
1 copy of passport (1st Page & last page – both)
Yes, there are several offers. Please check with the sim provider for the latest offer and you can subscribe it immediately by sending a SMS
Mobile or Camera charger will work but would need universal converter or adapter for it to be plugged in.



Most of the Schengen countries have their local currency as Euros. However, Switzerland has Swiss Francs (CHF). Euro is accepted in Swiss but the refund of any excess money shall be returned in CHF. Likewise the currency of Czech Republic is Koruna, Hungary is Forint, Sweden is Swedish Kroner, Norway is Norwegian Kroner, etc. If you are travelling to Scandinavia or Central Schengen Countries where Euro is not the currency, we recommend to carry only Euro. If you are travelling to Switzerland and other neighbouring countries, it is better to carry CHF separately for Swiss expense and rest all Euro.
You could buy direct notes, Travelers Cheque or Prepaid currency debit card. o Travelers cheque can be exchanged in any local bank (Person has to carry original passport for the verification). o Debit card are just like bank debit card and you can withdraw cash from any ATM of any bank. Each transaction approximately costs 2 CHF but varies from bank to bank.


Weather & Clothing

o November – March is winter and goes as low as -10 degrees. It snows maximum in this time and needs too heavy winter clothing
o April – May is spring and is bit rainy. However mountain peaks are always cold and thus advisable to carry Full Thermal wear, hand gloves, ear cap and warm woollen jacket or windcheater. Advisable to carry a small umbrella as well.
o June – August is summer. But still mountain peaks are cold so advisable to carry thermal, light woollen, ear cap and hand gloves. Advisable to carry a small umbrella as well.
o September – October is autumn and is rainy season. It rains heavily and thus one should carry proper rainy clothes along with thermal and light woollen clothes



Many driving routes in Swiss are hilly and thus people having motion sickness should carry medicine like Avomin or Vomistop
Air on the top of the Mountain peaks is thin and thus people having Heart problem or Asthma, should not walk fast or should not run – as it can cause breathing problems
Always make 3 photocopy sets of the following documents during your travel:
o Passport 1st page
o Passport last page
o Visa pages
o Air ticket copy
o Travel Insurance
o Travel Itinerary with Hotel details
1 set of photocopy must be kept in hand luggage
1 set of photocopy in main check-in luggage & 1 set of photocopy with family members who are back home and not travelling with you on trip
This helps during any kind of emergency or loss of passport or any travel document
If you have any medical problem and have to take regular medicine, please carry your Doctor’s prescription along with your medicines. Many countries do not allow specific Medical drugs from other countries without Doctor’s prescription.



The Schengen Area is the area comprising 26 European countries that have abolished passport and any other type of border control at their common borders, also referred to as internal borders. It mostly functions as a single country for international travel purposes, with a common visa policy.
Schengen visas are issued by the following 15 countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Switzerland.
All European Union countries, except Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the United Kingdom (England & Scotland), are members of the Schengen Borders Agreement. In addition, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein are also members of the Schengen Borders Agreement (but they are not European Union members).